9 Course Menu

Saikou salmon, smoked roe, sudachi, chrysanthemum petals
Bonito, dashi cream, purple yam, linaria
Tempura oba, smoked ama ebi, shell powder
Toro, yuzu kosho and olive oil emulsion, parsnip, nori, ponzu
Egg white tofu, smoked eggplant dashi 

Tuna, egg yolk, fromage blanc, unpasteurised soy sauce, wasabi

Spanner crab, brown butter emulsion, sake vinegar jelly, pea and horseradish

Charcoal black lip abalone, mustard and cipollini onion, sweet onion dashi, kabu, ice plant, chicken skin

Seared Rottnest Island scallop, celeriac, uni and wasabi butter, hijiki 

Sansho roasted duck breast, quince and sheep yoghurt cream, pink lady apple, myoga

Charcoal grilled Blackmore wagyu, king brown mushrooms, nori mustard, fermented mushroom powder 

Aerated Mountain Man washed rind, apple, sobacha biscuit

Dai dai and kabosu tart, salted white chocolate, passionfruit, muscovado sable

Jerusalem artichoke, Pedro Ximénez infused dates, ginger milk, soy chocolate mousse, ginger bread crumb


Spring chocolate forest
Soft chocolate, hazelnut and almond, burnt honey, mandarin and mascarpone cream, blackberry sorbet, yuzu jellies, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs, crystallised bronze fennel, viola

Tasting menu to be experienced for the whole table only $235 per person
With matching wines $140 per person
or $185 per person including a glass of NV Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne to begin